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Frequently Asked Questions

This instance of MyChart connects to UW Health (Wisconsin), Access Community Health Centers (Madison, Wisconsin), SwedishAmerican (Rockford, Illinois); and Quartz-branded and administered health plans.

Enrollment Questions

What is MyChart?

MyChart is an internet-based service that allows patients (or proxies) to access personal medical record information and health benefit information online. Once a patient activates a MyChart account, it becomes the primary method to receive messages and other information from your clinic and health plan provider. In many cases this information will be delivered only through MyChart, and not by U.S. Mail or telephone. This may include but is not limited to: laboratory results, appointment reminders, billing statements, and reminders for routine preventative care.

How do I sign up?

Anyone 18 years or older may activate an account

Online Activation -- Choose Instant Activation and answer questions from our secure third-party identity validation service, or choose the U.S. mail option and an Activation Code will be mailed to your home.

If you have a clinic visit or hospital stay, your After Visit Summary or After Hospital Care Plan will include a MyChart activation code. Select "Activate Online" and use the code to set up your personal account.

You may also call your clinic or health plan to request an Activation Code by U.S. mail.

What health plan information is available in MyChart?

This instance of MyChart connects you to health benefit information for members or subscribers of Quartz or Unity Health Plans (Wisconsin). This includes: Health Plan Coverage information, explanation of benefits (EOB), claims, premium invoices and messaging with customer service.

After I Have Enrolled

Forgot password

Click the "Forgot password" link on the sign-in page to retrieve your password. In most cases you can use the self-service to re-set your password. If this does not work, you will see a toll-free number you can call to re-set your password over the phone.

Technical Questions

Access Code not working

The Access Code is only used for first-time activation. Once you have activated your account, you will use the Username and Password that you created when you set up your account. For your security, Access Codes that have not been used will expire after 45 days. You may request a new Access Code from your clinic or use Online Activation to set up your account. Once you activate your account the Activation Code becomes invalid and may be safely discarded.

Is MyChart secure?

We take great care to ensure your information is kept private and secure. First-time activation is carefully controlled to ensure only you have access to your account. Once you activate you will set up a personal username and password that only you will know. MyChart uses 128-bit SSL encryption with no caching to automatically encrypt your MyChart session. Unlike conventional email, all MyChart messaging is done while you are securely logged in.

I was automatically logged out of MyChart

As a security measure if your keyboard remains idle more than 15 minutes you will be automatically logged out.

I did not receive an email notification that I have new information in MyChart

Please verify your email address is correct. Select ‘Notifications’ under the ‘Profile’ menu within MyChart. If your email is correct but you are still not receiving e-mail notifications, please add the following email addresses to your email contact list:,,, This should prevent emails from being blocked or routed to your spam folder. Internet providers are always updating security, and spam filters are constantly changing; so sometimes it is necessary to re-check your spam folder.

Your Medical Record

Incorrect information in MyChart

Your MyChart information comes directly from your personal record. When viewing this information in MyChart, you may notice information that is missing or incorrect. If this should occur, please report this to your clinic at your next appointment. Or, for health plan information, call your health plan customer service. Once your information is corrected in your record, the update will be reflected in MyChart.

MyChartCentral and Lucy

If you receive care from multiple organizations you may have multiple MyChart accounts. MyChartCentral is a secure web site that allows you to connect to your multiple accounts in an easy and secure way. Lucy is a feature within MyChartCentral that allows you to view, enter, and manage your personal health information. MyChartCentral and Lucy are supported by Epic Systems Corporation. For more information click here. Lucy & MyChart Central are located in the ‘Tools’ section of the ‘Health’ menu.

What medical information is available in MyChart?

This instance of MyChart connects to information in your patient medical record at UW Health (University of Wisconsin Healthcare), Access Community Health Centers (Madison, Wisconsin), and SwedishAmerican (Rockford, Illinois). This includes: Test results, medications, allergies, immunizations, medical diagnoses, preventive care reminders, visit summaries, after hospital care plan, appointments, demographics, and billing information. You may also schedule primary care appointments online and send secure messages to your clinic. MyChart does not display all information from your medical record, and does not have access to every clinic service. If you need information or services not available in MyChart, please call your clinic. If you need a complete copy of your medical record, please contact your health organization for information about obtaining a copy of your medical record. Services and tests performed outside of UW Health, Access Community Health, and SwedishAmerican will not appear on this instance of MyChart.

When are test results available in MyChart?

Most test results are available after your physician has reviewed them or automatically within 1, 4, or 14 business day(s). Some lab results during your inpatient stay will be available 24 hours after discharge. Some labs may be available on the MyChart mobile app during your stay if you choose to accept a Bedside tablet. Labs resulted after your discharge will follow the automatic release described above. Labs from an inpatient stay can be viewed in the test result section by selecting the ‘Include Hospital Results’ button. Tests that are not available in MyChart will be communicated to you by telephone or U.S. Mail. If you have any questions or concerns about a test result, please contact your provider.

Messaging, Email, and Communications

Message response time

Normally messages sent before 4PM on weekdays will be responded to the same day; but may take up to two business days. Messages sent after 4pm on Friday will not be responded to until the next business day (usually Monday).

If your need is urgent please call instead of sending a message. MyChart should not be used for emergencies or urgent needs.

Ask a Pharmacist

Pharmacists are available to answer medication questions. However, you should always contact your doctor if you have concerns regarding your diagnosis or ongoing treatment. Pharmacy staff are able to access your medical record information through the electronic medical record system. With this system, they can review your records and medication list, and communicate with other providers. In some cases the pharmacist may decide to send your question to your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or another provider you have seen, so that we can provide you with the appropriate answer.

How is my email address used?

An email address is required so the system can automatically notify you when new information is in your MyChart account. Email notifications are sent for things such as appointment reminders, preventive care reminders, new test results, new messages, new billing statements, or new insurance information. When you receive this email notification you should log into your MyChart account with your username and password to view the detailed information. We never share your email address with any other party.

MyChart For My Family or Others I Care For

How can I access MyChart for my child, parent, or another adult? (Proxy access)

When you use MyChart for someone else (such as a child), you will connect to the other person's account from within your personal account.

STEPS TO REQUEST: First activate an account for yourself. On the home page of your personal account look to the right under 'Quick Links' and choose the 'Request Access to another account (proxy)' link and follow the instructions.

  • Biological and adoptive parents may request access to children under age 18 using an online form within MyChart; and these requests are normally processed within 2 business days.
  • Licensed foster parents and court-appointed legal guardians may request access by completing a paper form (available within MyChart) and providing additional documentation as described on the form.
  • To request access to another adult, such as a spouse, parent, or other family member, complete a paper form (available within MyChart). In most cases access to another adult requires signatures from both parties.

In all cases, access to another person's MyChart account is strictly controlled and only granted with appropriate authorization and consent forms on file. All requests are reviewed by medical records staff and are normally processed in 3-5 business days.

Can I ask medical questions about someone else from my own MyChart account?

No. Your MyChart account is directly connected to your personal medical record, and messages you send become part of your personal medical record. For patient safety, it is very important that you do not use your personal MyChart account to send messages or schedule appointments for someone else.